Alberto Sachero Photographer, Turin.

I approach to photography  with the old Olympus of my father  in 2000. I decided to turn my passion into a job. After an initial training by himself made the readings, study and a lot of practice, I studied for print black and white  in the darkroom and digital photography. Simultaneously I start working in some photo studios as an assistant (Ravani and Ficarra, E.Piva, G.Sottile) and became a freelance in 2002, starting to work with advertising agencies and direct clients such as building contractors, architects and artists in the music industry, theater and dance, so I realize photo shoots published in magazines and websites. I continue to develop my personal research  printing black and white fine art in the dark of the darkroom and presenting some personal photo exhibitions “Torino Random” at Fine Art (Turin, 2011), “Great Repair Shops” at the Teatro Espace ( turin 2009), “Wide Visions” at the Café Procope (Turin 2005), and participating in other colletive exhibitions. I extended my business to reportage, working with the “Missions of the Consolata”, the French association “Fleur de Bitume”, the “V.S.S.P.” (Centre for Voluntary Service), working in Kenya Madagascar Ethiopia and Viet Nam. I I deal with nature photography, and I realized some photographic projects such as “Swans”, “Lemurs in Madagascar”, “Donkeys and Asinara”, “Ibex is a Climber”, reportage on the life of the ibex on which some Alps shots have been published in National Geographic Italy and BBC Wildlife Uk, and “In search of Gelada baboon” on the Ethiopian highlands.

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